• About Us

    The James and Sylvia Earl Simulation to Advance Innovation and Learning Center (SAIL), is a world-class medical simulation and training facility in Annapolis, Md., located a few miles from the Chesapeake Bay. The Center is part of Anne Arundel Medical Center, a not-for-profit, independent hospital.

    The mission of The Earl SAIL Center is to promote the provision of safe care for patients through advanced training that is ahead of the rest of the country and usually available only in major academic medical centers. About 80 percent of all U.S. health care is delivered in non-academic, private centers. The Earl SAIL Center is critical to achieving and maintaining national patient safety goals as new medical technologies continue to emerge at an ever increasing pace.

    Additionally, as part of its mission and infrastructure, The Earl SAIL Center is designed to foster the creation, co-development and evaluation of intellectual property in a more cost effective, efficient and incentivized fashion than academic medical centers. The Earl SAIL Center provides an environment dedicated to conducting world-class clinical research, training the next generations of health care providers, and facilitating efforts that will ensure excellence in the medical practices of the future.

    The Center hosts teleconferences, monthly national multi-center teleconferences, lectures, research, and large group sessions for resident surgical education, all of which help to develop staff skills and knowledge.

    The Earl SAIL Center serves not only the medical profession, but it also provides tours and educational opportunities for area school children, the community, patients, families and organizations dedicated to health care improvement and patient safety.