• Financial Assistance

    We provide medically necessary services to everyone, no matter your ability to pay. If you think you can’t pay for a medically necessary service, please call our Financial Counseling office at 443-481-6500.

    You may qualify for federal or state programs for financial assistance that cover some or all of your bill. We can help you apply for those programs. We also offer financial assistance directly through AAMC if you meet certain federal poverty guidelines.

    If you are still concerned about affording your care, ask us if you’re eligible for a discount, or reduction, on the amount you owe. We can also work with you on a payment plan.

    We understand things sometimes happen that can make it hard to pay your bills on time. We want to help you protect your credit. Please call us to learn all the ways we can help.


    Unless otherwise specified, the Anne Arundel Medical Center Financial Assistance Policy does not apply to physicians or certain other medical providers who care for you while you are in the hospital. This includes emergency room doctors, anesthesiologists, radiologists, hospitalists, pathologists, and other providers. These doctors will bill you separately from the hospital bill. This policy does not create an obligation for the hospital to pay for the services of these physicians or other medical providers. The public may obtain a copy of this list by printing from the link below or contacting the AAMC Financial Counseling office.