• Patient and Family Advisors

    To give you the best health care experience possible, it only makes sense that we involve you and your family members in the decision-making process. At AAMC, we value your opinion. That’s why our Patient and Family Advisors program allows patients, family members and community members to give input on our policies, programs and practices.

    These advisors work with our health care providers to support our patient- and family-centered care approach. Whether you’ve been our patient or want to help for other reasons, we invite you to be part of our team.

    Patients and family advisors:

    • Bring a fresh perspective and help us discover solutions that clinicians and staff may not have considered.
    • Help us make improvements based on patient - and family needs rather than our own assumptions.
    • Offer insights on what we do well and where we can improve.

    What kind of projects are advisors involved with?

    Every year, dedicated Patient and Family Advisors put in hundreds of hours, working shoulder to shoulder with AAMC employees to advance the understanding and practice of patient and family centered care.  In our annual report, we are proud to share with you just some of the highlights of our tremendous work. 

  • Pinwheel ChampionWe are proud to be a Pinwheel Champion, demonstrating our commitment to patients and families by meeting the standards of the Institute for Patient- And Family-Centered Care.