• Preventing Substance Abuse

    Teaching children and teens about the physical, mental and legal dangers of substance use greatly increases their chance of avoiding such behaviors. The Pathways Prevention Education Program offers several proven, evidence-based substance use prevention programs for schools and groups. Learn more to see how you can help make a tangible difference in your community.

    Project ALERT

    This is a free, classroom-based substance abuse and use prevention program for seventh and eighth graders that’s proven to reduce experimental and continued use of drugs. Through a series of lessons, Project ALERT motivates students against drug use/substance abuse, cultivates new attitudes and beliefs about not using alcohol or drugs, and equips teens with the skills and strategies they need to resist drugs.

    Since its national launch, Project Alert has led to a:

    • 60 percent decrease in current marijuana use.
    • 40 percent decrease in students already trying cigarettes.
    • 24 percent decrease in alcohol misuse.
    • 20 percent decrease in highest-risk early drinkers.

    Substance Abuse Prevention Community Presentations

    Pathways offers substance abuse prevention lessons tailored for your audience, including:

    • Camps.
    • After-school programs.
    • Assisted living homes.
    • PTAs, PTOs and other parent groups.
    • Community health events.
    • Town hall meetings.
    • Health and wellness classes.
    • Professional development.

    Substance Abuse Awareness Campaigns

    Pathways can coordinate nationally and state-recognized substance abuse prevention awareness campaigns with your school, organization or group for events such as Alcohol Awareness Month, Red Ribbon Week and Tobacco Free Kids Week.

    Why is Substance Abuse Prevention Education Important?

    • Research shows Pathways’ evidence-based programs can greatly reduce early use of tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs. National drug-use surveys indicate some children are already abusing drugs by age 13.
    • Substance use prevention education informs parents on their important role in preventing substance abuse in their teens.
    • There is now less federal funding for most school systems’ drug free programs. Pathways Prevention Education Program ensures schools have this resource to prevent substance abuse.

    Schedule a Substance Abuse Prevention Program or Event Now

    To learn more about these programs or to schedule one for your school or group, call Pathways at 410-573-5400.