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    Our Process

    At Pathways, we do everything we can to help you or your loved one get treatment as quickly as possible. Here’s a step-by-step guide to starting one of our treatment programs.

    Step 1: Schedule an Intake Assessment

    Call 410-573-5400 or 800-322-5858 and press “1” to schedule an intake assessment. Be ready to give insurance information, substance use history, a list of current medications and medical/mental health history.

    Step 2: Prepare at Home

    We aim to enroll people into a Pathways program on the day of their assessment. We suggest bringing one carry-on-sized bag of clothing and necessities to the assessment, as well as a completed pre-registration form. Learn more about what to bring.

    Step 3: Come In for Your Intake Assessment

    Your medical assessment with a nurse and a psycho-social assessment with an intake or mental health counselor will last about two hours. The counselor will also meet with your family. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to register.