• Orthotics

    The Support You Need

    If you have an orthopedic condition or injury, or if you’ve had surgery, an orthotic can protect and stabilize the affected part of your body to allow healing. Orthotics are wearable, supportive devices that are often more convenient than plaster or fiberglass casts. For starters, they’re removable. And, since you have unique needs, they can also be custom-fit or even custom-made for you, if needed. Orthotics come in three different basic forms; rigid, semi-rigid or soft devices. Only a doctor can help you decide which type of orthotic is right to treat your orthopedic condition or injury. At AAMC, we provide off-the-shelf and custom orthotics as prescribed by your doctor. These orthotics can be used to treat many parts of your body, including your:

    • Ankle
    • Elbow
    • Foot
    • Hand
    • Hip
    • Knee
    • Leg (thigh or calf)
    • Neck
    • Shoulder
    • Spine
    • Wrist

    Our team of certified orthotists, assistants and orthotic fitters will work closely with your doctor to ensure you get the support that’s right for you. Often you can have your orthotic fitted the same day you visit your doctor.