• Patient Stories

    Meet Earl Shellner

    Earl Shellner enlisted the help of MyChart as soon as he began his battle with colorectal cancer. Radiation sickness caused him to lose his appetite as he received treatment for the infection in his stomach. Even though he couldn’t control how fast the cancer was spreading to his organs, MyChart gave him control over his plan of care as he received chemotherapy.

    “I was able to manage all of my records and procedures through the app on my phone,” Earl says. For Earl, staying informed and on top of his appointments was a valuable feature that stood out to him. “It’s a convenient tool to use, whether young or elderly. It makes everything easier for you, especially if you’re sick or hospitalized.”

    Meet Eddie Vasquez

    MyChart also became a significant resource for Eddie Vasquez, a retired Washington, DC police detective. Eddie began using the online tool when he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2006, and the cancer progressed to attack his immune system. His care team had to monitor many details of his treatment. MyChart helped Eddie, and his family, stay informed as he went through several chemotherapy treatments, managed multiple prescriptions, and attended many doctor appointments.

    “MyChart is a private Wikipedia that is personally focused on you,” says Eddie.