• Quit Tobacco

    Your health starts to improve just 20 minutes after you smoke your last cigarette. And quitting smoking greatly lowers your risk for many types of cancer such as lung, oral, head and neck, as well as heart disease and emphysema. At Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC), we’re here to help you quit smoking or using other tobacco products so you can take control of your health.

    Tobacco products are highly addictive, and it’s not easy to quit. In fact, statistics show smokers who attempt to quit on their own are successful only 5 percent of the time. Our smoking cessation programs can help. Increase your chances of success with support from our smoking cessation counselors – they have helped many people quit for good.

    How to Quit Tobacco

    Smoking cessation programs are proven to help people end their cigarette or tobacco chewing habits. Our specially trained counselors will work with you and your primary care physician to develop your personal “stop smoking plan” that:

    • Meets your specific needs.
    • Manages your withdrawal symptoms.
    • Addresses the lifestyle changes you need to make to be successful.

    Nicotine Cessation Programs at Anne Arundel Medical Center

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    Contact Us

    To contact our smoking cessation and nicotine dependence program, call 443-481-5366 or 443-481-5367.

    You can also contact our:

    • Thoracic Oncology Program at 443-481-3366.
    • Lung Screening Program at 443-481-5838.