• Improve Your Body

    At Anne Arundel Medical Center, we believe in Living Healthier Together. That means taking care of your body today to avoid health problems down the road. Eating healthier, moving more or quitting smoking are great places to start. Start your journey with these wellness resources designed to safeguard and nourish your body for a healthier tomorrow:

    With a healthy body you can be more active and productive. You can also add years to your life. Let us help you take care of your body.

  • Get Moving

    A regular exercise routine can help you get stronger, fitter and healthier – and have fun along the way. Our Energize Wellness Program offers a variety of fitness classes, workshops and community programs to get you moving.

    * For the health and safety of all of our fitness fanatics, we are cancelling our Energize fitness classes for now. We encourage safe, outdoor exercise as the weather gets warmer. For our moms-to-be, check out our guide to safe exercise during pregnancy.


    Check out our online resources for fitness information and tips:

    Our Living Healthier Together blog: Need help choosing the best type of running shoe? Want tips for running during the winter? Get fitness advice straight from our medical professionals. 

    Fitness classes and workshops

    Try some of our 20+ fitness classes and workshops. From Zumba to prenatal yoga to strength training, there’s something for everyone.

    Fitness classes and workshops are open to the public, and take place on AAMC’s campus. Learn more about: