• Nursing Team

    Our nurses are partners in the multidisciplinary care teams that form around each child we treat. They care for children with a variety of diagnoses and provide both medical expertise and personalized care. They are trained in the latest nursing techniques and work to make every child as comfortable as possible.

    Pediatric Nurse Navigator

    The goal of the nurse navigator is to ensure seamless coordnation among the patient’s care team, while offering support and guidance to help patients and their families.

    Our nurse navigator’s:

    • Serve as single-point of contact: Nurse navigators are the single point of access for all patients and families who enter Anne Arundel Medical Center. The navigator remains an ongoing, consistent point of contact for patients and families through the full continuum of their care.
    • Help patients navigate through health care system: Nurse navigators support patients as they move throughout their journey, from diagnosis, to treatment and through follow-up care.
    • Provide link to community: Nurse navigators already have established connections in the community and can easily refer patients to specific groups they would gain from, including support groups, transportation and financial assistance.
    • Help access financial resources: Nurse navigators provide assistance regarding access to financial resources for patients and families with treatment-related costs.
    • Give emotional support: Nurse navigators are often the emotional support that parent’s need when they’re child is ill or injured.
    • Offer educational support: Nurse navigators provide valuable education to patients and families regarding treatment, nutrition and financial issues.