• Meet the Team

    Our Team Approach

    When you come to us for stroke care, you get a team of expert physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists all working together for your recovery. They’ll help you get back to the way life was before your stroke, or teach you how to compensate for any lasting limitations.

    Our occupational therapists:

    • Help you relearn daily skills like bathing and dressing, cooking, eating, taking care of your home, and going to the bathroom.
    • Show you ways to live and thrive with any changes in your physical abilities.
    • Teach you about safety devices that you can add to your home.

    Our physical therapists:

    • Help you restore your physical function.
    • Treat issues with balance and walking and teach you new strategies to cope.
    • Assess if a wheelchair is right for you and train caregivers and family members on how to best use the wheelchair.
    • Measure your strength, endurance and range of motion.
    • Develop custom rehab programs to help you regain the use of all four limbs and improve your balance and coordination.

    Our speech-language therapists:

    • Treat disorders related to speech, language, voice, swallowing, and memory and thinking.
    • Help you regain your communication skills like pronunciation, voice quality and volume, word-finding and understanding others.
    • Assess your specific impairments.
    • Teach cognitive communication skills like short term-memory and concentration.
    • Give you strategies and exercises to restore your swallowing, eating and drinking skills.