Stroke Care
  • Stroke Care

    Signs of a stroke happen quickly and require fast action to save lives and limit long-term effects. Our stroke care team is trained to identify stroke symptoms early, so you get immediate treatment and the best chance for recovery. Nationally recognized by the Joint Commission and the American Stroke Association, we’re often awarded for our quick care and high recovery outcomes.

    But our stroke care doesn’t end with life-saving treatment. We offer personalized rehab programs to get you back to your life quickly, along with support groups to help you adjust to life after a stroke.

    Learn more strokes and how they happen.

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  • Treatment

    From the time patients arrive at the hospital, our teams take action to treat “brain attacks.” From the ambulance to treatment, then hospitalization in our dedicated Stroke/Neuro Unit, patients receive the right care, right away. During the hospital stay, patients are involved in their rehabilitation. AAMC’s volunteers, many who are past patients, provide support and are part of the care team.

    Support Programs

    A stroke can often be a life-changing experience. With the guidance of patient and family advisors, AAMC has multiple options to help patients thrive after a stroke. The Stroke Support Group meets monthly.

    The Peer Mentorship Program, the Power of 2, matches recent stroke survivors with mentors who themselves are veterans of the stroke experience. The mentors complete special training. Through one-on-one time together, stroke survivors have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss challenges and concerns, and feel connected to people like them.

    Evidence-based Quality

    AAMC has consistently achieved The Joint Commission certification for its stroke program. This demonstrates that AAMC follows national standards and guidelines to significantly improve outcomes for stroke patients. Display of The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval for their Advanced Certification for Primary Stroke Centers helps patients easily identify this facility as one of quality that has surpassed numerous goals in the treatment of stroke.