• Meet the Team

    Your care team is built around you: Your procedure. Your goals. Your needs. And each provider plays a specific and important role either before, during or after your cardiac surgery.  

    Cardiology team

    Heart Surgeon: A doctor specially trained to perform your cardiac surgery 

    Cardiologist: A doctor specializing in the care of patients with heart disease 

    Electrophysiologist: A cardiologist specializing in diseases of the electrical system of the heart; also performs procedures in the electrophysiology laboratory (EP Lab) 

    Interventional Cardiologist: A cardiologist specializing in procedures in the cardiac catheterization laboratory 

    Care team

    Advanced Practice Practitioners: These may include nurse practitioners (NP) and physician assistants (PA) who examine you, assist with the surgical procedures, monitor your progress and recovery, and provide treatment in collaboration with our physician team 

    Anesthesiologist: A doctor who is specially trained to provide close monitoring and support measures and to keep you asleep and comfortable during your operation 

    Cardiovascular Technologist: A person specially trained and certified to assist with procedures in the catheterization laboratory and on nursing units 

    Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA): An advanced practice nurse specially trained to provide life support measures and to keep you comfortable during your operation 

    Clinical Pharmacist: A doctor of pharmacy who works closely with your doctors and nurses to ensure medications ordered for you are safe and effective while you’re in the hospital 

    Clinical Specialist: A nurse with advanced training in cardiac recovery 

    Dietitian: A person who can explain and offer suggestions to improve your diet and nutrition 

    Occupational Therapist: A person who evaluates, assists and implements daily living activities, like bathing, shaving and household activities; makes recommendations for rehabilitation services 

    Patient Care Technician: The caregiver who assists you with morning care, showers and other basic care 

    Perfusionist: A person who operates the heart-lung machine and monitors you while the doctor operates on the heart 

    Physical Therapist: A person who evaluates, assists and implements activities, like walking and strengthening exercises; makes recommendations for rehabilitation services 

    Registered Nurse: A nurse on our cardiology team who has specialized cardiac training, administers medications and monitors your progress 

    Respiratory Therapist: A person who assists you with breathing treatments and breathing exercises 

    Social Worker or Case Manager (Nurse): A person with special training in your home care needs and issues surrounding leaving the hospital 

    Speech Therapist: A person who evaluates your ability to speak and swallow