• Catheterization and Stenting

    A cardiac catheterization is a procedure that reveals the health of your heart. Using special dye, it shows places where your arteries may be narrow or blocked. Based on the results, your doctor may recommend angioplasty. This life-saving treatment often uses a stent to open arteries, restore blood flow, and either help you survive a heart attack or decrease your risk for one later in life.

    Radial catheterization: The latest approach

    Our team of specially trained cardiologists, nurses and technicians perform both elective and emergency angioplasty in our state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization labs. Our labs offer the highest quality imaging technology to give you the most accurate results. And while traditional angioplasty requires inserting a catheter into the groin, we offer a less-invasive option. Radial catheterization inserts the catheter through the wrist. This method gives you more comfort, quicker recovery and has a lower rate of complications.

    Read how a radial catheterization saved this runner’s life.

    Emergency angioplasty for heart attack patients

    Only 25 percent of hospitals in the nation are qualified to perform emergency cardiac catheterization. We’re proud to be one of those hospitals. We’re also proud of our “door-to-balloon time,” an important measure of cardiac care. It’s the amount of time from when a heart attack patient arrives at the hospital, to when doctors perform an angioplasty procedure to open the blocked artery. With a time well below national standards, our Zazulia Heart and Vascular Center has saved thousands of lives and provides fast care for those suffering a heart attack.

    Preventive, elective angioplasty

    For some people, an elective (non-emergency) catheterization can prevent heart problems later in life. This procedure helps clear up blockages that may cause heart disease symptoms such as chronic chest pain (angina), shortness of breath or chronic fatigue. Talk with your cardiologist to see if the procedure is right for you.