• Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction

    The need for breast cancer surgery often happens at a stage of life when a woman feels a breast lift or reduction could enhance her breasts’ appearance. We can design your surgery to remove your cancer and perform a lift/reduction at the same time.

    Your surgeon may recommend this approach in certain cases. For instance, if your tumor is large compared to the size of your breast, a lumpectomy combined with a breast lift or reduction can help preserve the natural shape of the breast.

    If you decide to have an oncoplastic breast reduction, a matching lift or reduction to the other breast is considered part of your cancer care and is covered by Medicare or insurance.

    Figure 1: This series of drawings shows how a breast reduction can be used to remove the cancer and to close and lift the breast.

    Figure 2: This series of drawings illustrates how a surgeon can remove a tumor high in the breast and lift the breast when closing the incision.