• Medical Oncology

    Our medical oncology team specializes in diagnosing and treating all types of cancer. Medical oncologists have advanced training in treating cancer with medication, such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy and immunotherapy and using infusion therapy. Many oncologists also specialize in treating blood conditions and cancers, a specialty known as hematology.

    A Team Approach to Cancer Care

    Your medical oncologist is the doctor who manages your cancer care from diagnosis through treatment and follow up. Your doctor works closely with a team of other cancer specialists to give you the most comprehensive cancer care. These specialists may include:

    There is no one-size-fits-all course of treatment for any cancer, and you and your family are also important members of your care team. Your doctors will discuss your options and work with you to choose the best treatment plan. Your treatment may include a combination of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.

    Certified oncology nurses, oncology rehabilitation specialists and oncology social workers have training and experience to provide the specialized medical care and emotional support you need.

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