• Breast Cancer

    We know breast cancer can be overwhelming. We want to be your safe haven. Whether you are at increased risk for developing breast cancer or have recently been diagnosed, you can rely on the Rebecca Fortney Breast Center at Anne Arundel Medical Center for exceptional and compassionate care.

    Caring for you can mean many different things. Sometimes it means searching for more and better prevention strategies before the disease develops. Sometimes it means relentlessly exploring innovative technologies and approaches to breast care that are less invasive or less disruptive to your every day life.

    Our award-winning team of radiologists, breast and reconstructive surgeons, medical oncologists and other specialists are committed to those efforts and to expanding their knowledge and skills, meeting you wherever you are on your cancer journey. We will work together to provide you with comprehensive, evidence-based care that’s focused on your unique goals, preferences and personal needs—physical, emotional and spiritual.

    At AAMC, we believe in a "less is sometimes more" approach to care, recommending the least invasive treatment with the greatest chance of a cure. But we know the decision is ultimately yours. Your care team will make sure you and your family understand all your treatment options and what to expect.

    When you’re ready to begin treatment, our nurse navigators can help you figure out your next steps, make appointments and find needed resources to help you at AAMC and in the community. We want to reduce your stress and make things easier, so you can focus on self-care and healing.

    “I chose Anne Arundel because it was a whole center that was concentrated on breast cancer. To me, that made a difference. I felt like it was a focus of the hospital, not just one thing that they were doing.”

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