• Rehabilitation

    Cancer and cancer treatment often come with side effects. After you finish treatment, going through rehabilitation can help you feel like your pre-cancer self again. At the AAMC DeCesaris Cancer Institute, we offer rehabilitation services to improve your quality of life as a cancer survivor.

    We’ll assess your needs and work closely with AAMG Physical Therapy to help with:

    • Bone mineral density.
    • Effects of chemotherapy.
    • Fatigue and low endurance.
    • Gait and balance problems.
    • Lymphedema (swelling from removed or damaged lymph nodes).
    • Muscle strength.
    • Pain management.
    • Range of motion.
    • Memory or concentration problems (chemobrain).
    • Sensory issues.
    • Sexual dysfunction.
    • Speech problems.
    • Swallowing problems.
    • Urinary incontinence.

    It Starts With Prehabilitation

    At AAMC, our goal is to minimize the side effects of your cancer treatment and support you as you begin the next chapter of survivorship. As part of our cancer prehabilitation program, we create a supervised or home-based exercise program just for you. The exercises help prepare your body for cancer treatment and build your strength and stamina.

    Cancer prehabilitation:

    • Helps decrease negative effects of treatment.
    • Gives you more options for cancer treatment.
    • Improves your physical and mental health outcomes.
    • Establishes your baseline functional level so your care team can give you targeted interventions.
    • Improves your overall health and reduces the severity of current and future side effects.

    A Team Approach

    Our prehabilitation and rehabilitation services involve a team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, nurses, nutritionists and social workers, all with the same goal of improving your quality of life.

    A coordinator with special training in cancer rehabilitation coordinates a unique care plan just for you. Your coordinator also communicates with your entire care team to ensure your plan is based on your goals, with a focus on increasing strength and energy while managing your pain. We help you increase your independence and rebuild your ability to complete daily tasks and do the things you enjoy.

    Our team is experienced in rehabilitation for all kinds of cancer, including:

    How to Get Started With Cancer Rehabilitative Services

    Talk to your primary care doctor, oncologist or other specialist to get a referral.

    To schedule an appointment or learn more, call 443-481-3805.