• Becoming a Patient

    When you come to us for cancer care, we provide you with the most advanced therapies, best technology and most skilled specialists. But we also focus on giving you a positive patient experience.

    That experience starts with doctors and nurses who listen to your wishes and concerns. Our team works with you to develop a cancer treatment plan that meets your specific needs. And since every person is unique and everyone’s cancer is different, you can expect a patient-centered, flexible approach. You and your family are a key part of your care team, and we treat you as such.

    We offer individual rooms, so you can heal in a private, relaxing space. Our services encompass all aspects of prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment. We offer services for you and your family, such as nurse navigation, education, genetics counseling, support groups, social work, oncology rehabilitation specialists and psychology services.

    And while we focus on giving you the highest-quality services, we always remember successful cancer treatment is about caring, rapport and trust.

    Guest Services

    When you come to us for cancer treatment, we consider you our guest. While you’re here, we want you and your family to be as comfortable as possible. Our guest amenities include cafeteria service, coffee shops, gift shops and more.

    Spiritual Care

    Going through cancer is difficult, and many people find comfort talking with a spiritual advisor during this time. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, our spiritual care team is here to support you and your family in all aspects of your cancer journey.

    Each member is highly trained in pastoral care and counseling above the basic seminary requirements. They offer a holistic approach to spiritual care. Our Spiritual Care Department includes ordained clergy from many denominations. They can provide emotional comfort and spiritual support, as well as perform religious services of many faith traditions. Learn more about our spiritual care offerings.

      Visiting Hours

      At AAMC, we understand having your loved ones around while you’re in the hospital is not only comforting, but also an important part of the healing process. We consider your family members our partners in care, along with your doctors, nurses and other cancer specialists.

      Of course, there may be times when we ask family members to step outside your room for privacy and safety reasons. But we encourage anyone you consider family — biologically, legally or emotionally — to visit you whenever you wish. We also encourage your family to take part in the bedside shift report, when your nurses meet with you to talk about your care. This meeting gives your family members a chance to discuss your health with your care team.

      Guidelines for Visitors

      Follow these tips to make sure your visit with your loved one is as safe and helpful as possible:

      • For safety reasons, we restrict food, drink, plants and flowers in some areas. Please check with health care providers before bringing these items.
      • Patients choose who is a "partner in care," and those people are welcome 24/7. We encourage others to respect the patient’s healing needs.
      • Please make sure children stay under constant adult supervision while in the hospital.
      • Stay at home if you’re sick. This will help us protect your loved one if you have symptoms of an illness.
      • Wash your hands before entering the hospital and patient rooms. Hand washing is the best protection against spreading diseases.
      • While we welcome overnight stays, your rest is also important. If and when leave, your loved one will be in great hands and just a phone call away.

      If you decide to stay overnight and need a place to stay, our Hackerman-Patz House, is a short walk away from the hospital. The Hackerman-Patz House offers a comfortable and convenient place for patients and families to rest, with private overnight rooms. For questions or to make a reservation, call 410-571-3100 from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.