• You may invite anyone to visit you and your baby while your baby is a patient. There is a limit of three visitors in the room and one of them must be wearing the hospital bracelet provided when your baby was born.  If there are more visitors that want to trade off, they can wait in the first floor lobby of the Clatanoff Pavilion until there is available space in the room.  

    Yes, they can. You must complete a sibling visitation form with immunizations and a current health questionnaire every visit.  There is no age limit for siblings, except during flu season.

    Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to visit in the NICU.  Children who are 13-18 years old may visit and must complete a visitation form.  If they are siblings, they can visit as stated above.

    Exit the NICU and continue past the elevators towards the labor and delivery entrance.  There are two visitor restrooms located on the right hand side.

    You may bring in a drink with a lid. There is no food allowed in the rooms.

    Yes, you may bring in clothes, although we do have baby clothes for use while your baby is a patient.  If you choose to bring in your own clothes, we will do our best to keep them separated from our laundry.  If by chance your clothes go into the hospital laundry, we might not be able to locate them to return to you. 

    You can call the NICU at any time at 443-481-6962 where you can be transferred directly to the nurse caring for your baby.  When you call, you will be asked for your PIN. Please make sure to have that handy, as this is how we will identify you as an appropriate recipient of information.

    You may use the valet service or park in Garage C in the marked visitor spaces.  You may also park in Garage A but that will be a longer walk.