• Apply for Your Baby’s Birth Certificate

    Your care team will help you complete your baby’s birth certificate information worksheet, and other important forms, before you leave the hospital. If you need help, our birth registrar is available Monday through Friday during regular business hours. During evenings and weekends our nurses can help you.

    Birth Certificate Application

    AAMC is required by Maryland law to submit your baby’s birth certificate form within 72 hours (three days) of your child’s birth. We will help you make sure the information is accurate and complete. You can also fill out a birth verification form so your insurance company can add your newborn to your policy.

    Marital status

    If you and your baby’s father are not married, you can include this information on the birth certificate if you wish. Simply fill out an Affidavit of Parentage before you leave the hospital. When you sign the affidavit, you and the father will need your photo IDs and a witness. One of our staff members can witness for you.

    Your Card is in the Mail

    It takes about six weeks for your baby’s birth registration card to arrive in the mail. This card confirms your baby’s birth is registered with the state of Maryland. The birth registration is not the same as a birth certificate. On the registration card, you’ll also find information on how to get an official certified copy of your child’s birth certificate.

    If you applied for a social security card for your newborn while in the hospital, you can expect to receive that card in about three weeks.

    Maryland Dept. of Vital Records

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    Requesting Birth Certificates