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Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment

At Pathways, we believe that no two patients’ journeys to recovery are ever the same. We offer a variety of drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs as well as mental health evaluations and treatment programs to allow each individual to get the care that's best for him or her, including:

A 12-Step Based Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment Model

Pathways’ drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs are guided by the philosophy that alcohol and drug addiction is a progressive illness, treatable through professional and compassionate care, strong family involvement, education, and a 12-step-based approach to ongoing recovery and support. The goal is to help each individual attain the physical, emotional, and social tools that light the path to a fulfilling personal recovery.

A Patient- and Family-Centered Approach to Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment

The primary focus of Pathways' drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs is the individual, and how to help him or her regain self-respect and become alcohol and drug free. We take the time to nurture the special talents of each patient at every encounter, from the classroom to the gym to the small group meetings and adventure therapy sessions.  

Pathways also places great importance on nurturing and restoring trust and hope in family members. Virtually every one of our drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs includes a family component to help mend the family rifts that are a common by-product of addiction.

A Multi-Disciplinary Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment Team

Every patient has a complete team working together for him or her to create and oversee a comprehensive and fully customized drug rehab and/or alcohol treatment plan. The treatment team includes:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Nursing coordinator
  • Clinical team leader
  • Mental health clinician
  • Registered nurses
  • Lead clinical counselor
  • Primary case manager
  • Intake Counselor
  • Family therapist
  • Adventure therapist
  • Certified teacher

Medical care is delivered by nurses, physician’s assistants and physicians who specialize in substance abuse and mental health treatment.

How Do You Know Pathways is Right for You or Your Loved One?

Patients and families meet individually with certified addiction counselors to determine the most appropriate level of care based upon the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria. This assessment provides the potential patient, family members, and referral sources with a recommendation for treatment.

Co- occurring disorders or psychiatric conditions may contribute to the progression of drug dependency. Pathways emphasizes early identification of co- occurring disorders to address recovery needs.

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