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AAMC’s ACO to Maximize Outpatient Care Experience, Job Satisfaction With Help of Hitachi Foundation Grant

Morgan Harris, MD Joins AAMG Neurology Specialists

Expanded Support for Family Members of People with Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Concerns

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Choosing Wisely

Treating Disruptive Behavior In People With Dementia: Antipsychotic drugs are usually not the best choice
With the holiday season upon us, it is a special time of year to get together with family. For those with aging parents with dementia, it can mean extra holiday stress. Learn more.


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Pitch Perfect: Reducing Injuries in Young Baseball Players

Elbow injuries in young baseball players are an increasingly common problem seen by orthopedic surgeons because the act of throwing creates substantial stress on the elbow. The elbow is protected by a combination of ligaments and muscle that help to dissipate this stress. Repetitive throwing, however, can cause significant injuries[...]

Making the pharmacist an essential part of the patient care team

Recently, AAMC pharmacists Adrienne Belton and Lucretia Jones used their professional expertise to help a patient on the oncology unit understand how and when to take her medications. They talked with her at length, providing guidance on when to take them, how often, which medications should be taken with food,[...]

Choosing a Summer Camp for Your Child

School is out for summer. Excitement in the air! But soon, the sudden shift in routine causes kids and parents alike to wonder, “What are we going to do now?” With homework finally over for the time being and energy abundant, how can you as a parent channel your child’s[...]

Should Adults Get a Measles Booster Shot?

With the recent measles outbreak there’s a lot of information being shared about vaccinating children. But, how do adults know if they’re protected, or if they could benefit from a booster shot? It’s common protocol for children to have two doses of the combination measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine:  one dose between[...]

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