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To our patients, all breast MRI procedures are only performed at the Sajak Pavilion. Click here for directions.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Providing the Latest MRI Technology

Our new MAGNETOM Skyra has the most powerful magnet commercially available -3 Tesla - and a 70cm Open Bore Design. Combined with a 550lb/250kg patient weight limit, we can handle referrals for claustrophobic or very large patients. We offer the only 3 Tesla (T) MRI technology in Anne Arundel County.

The accommodating features of the MAGNETOM Skyra means that patients can now enjoy a greater array of imaging options with higher quality images than 1.5T, especially for small anatomy.

The new 3T MRI system is also able to capture usable images despite slight movements of patients, such as young children and those not able to remain perfectly still due to medical conditions.

Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday by calling 1-888-909-XRAY (9729).

About MRI

When magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was introduced about 25 years ago it was a real game changer, as no xrays were required to produce exquisite, anatomical images of the brain and spine.  Over the last 25 years, MRI has become a commonly used, powerful tool in nearly all disciplines of medicine.  MRI uses magnetism and radio waves to produce clear pictures of the human anatomy.  In fact, the 2003 Nobel Prize in Physiology was awarded to scientists for their discoveries concerning magnetic resonance imaging.  MRI quickly became the tool of choice for soft tissues such as ligaments and tendons and is widely used in orthopedics .

MRI scanners may be OPEN on the sides which are useful for accommodating patients with known claustrophobia, large body shapes or certain conditions which  make it more difficult for a patient to lie flat.   “CLOSED” MRI systems are somewhat more confining but may have very wide openings, are still comfortable and  produce better images of detailed anatomy, such as the brain.  AADI has both types of scanners. 

No advance prep is required and patients may not need to change into a gown to have an MRI. There are some circumstances which prevent a patient from having an MRI, like certain types of metal implants or a pacemaker.  This is because both metal and radio waves can interfere with the functioning of an MRI scanner.  A patient screening form is provided and will be reviewed by a technologist before your exam.

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