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To our patients, all breast MRI procedures are only performed at the Sajak Pavilion. Click here for directions.

Heart Scans (Calcium Scoring)

Doctors use heart scans to check for calcium deposits in your heart’s coronary arteries. Calcium deposits, known as plaque, can narrow your arteries and increase your risk of heart disease. This quick and painless CT (computed tomography) scan of your heart measures your coronary calcium score which can indicate whether you have a higher risk of having a heart attack before any symptoms of heart disease occur. This inexpensive test provides valuable information about your heart health.

Best Images: At Anne Arundel Diagnostics, we perform this test using our most sophisticated CT scanner, one that is configured to obtain the best heart images with the least radiation. Unlike some other imaging centers, we use ‘gated’ images in which the CT scanner captures images between your breaths and heart beats for optimal resolution.  


Cost: Preparation: A calcium scoring exam only requires a physician’s order and can be performed on a walk-in or appointment basis at the Sajak Pavilion. There’s no preparation for patients.

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