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To our patients, all breast MRI procedures are only performed at the Sajak Pavilion. Click here for directions.

Frequently asked questions about 3D mammography:

Is 3D a separate exam or part of my usual mammogram?

The 3D exam is a procedure which can be performed at the same time as your regular mammogram.

How long will it take?

The exam will take approximately 15 seconds longer than your regular mammogram.

Why is Anne Arundel Diagnostics Imaging offering 3D mammography?

We take pride in offering the highest quality care for our patients. We are the first to provide 3D mammography in Annapolis.

What are the benefits?

3D mammography results enhance clinical performance through:

How much radiation will I be exposed to?

The radiation dose is essentially the same as your regular mammogram. We have the latest software for this technology. It allows us to use the 3D data set to reconstruct your normal 2D mammogram views.

Am I a candidate for 3D mammography?

All patients stand to benefit from this technology regardless of breast density or family history. Early detection is the best defense against breast cancer. 3D mammography has been shown in clinical studies to be more accurate than conventional mammography.

What if my doctor did not mention 3D mammography to me?

3D is an optional service at this time. It is your choice to make. We communicated the new services to physicians and the feedback received has been very positive.
If you need additional information to help you make this decision, please let the front desk know that you would like to speak to a technologist.